10 Years! What happened last year?

Year #10 of LIVING WELL'S support of WISDOM 

What happened in 2021?

YEAR # 10 - The pandemic hit hard in 2020 and 2021, but LIVING WELL was able to keep serving WCS from afar.

We officially launched the secondary school with the addition of the 8th grade (elementary is K-7). The addition of the secondary school meant many more supplies! More computers, science lab supplies, and sewing machines.

8th Graders - And new uniforms!

We funded a much-needed seminar for girls on early marriage and child-bearing. The girls received feminine hygiene products. Many girls miss school during their period if they do not have these products.

We replaced the kitchen roof and added a security/caretaker building. 

WCS continued with periods of time when students were not allowed to attend school because of the pandemic. When in class, protocols continued.

Your prayers during this year were felt on the WCS campus and your donations so appreciated!


Ed and Donna Edwards