WISDOM teaching amid COVID19

As staff and 7th grade students attend class in the COVID19 era, many precautions are taken. One big change is a limit to classroom size. Classes, that once had 50-75 students, now have no more than 20 students. All students and staff wear masks at all times, even outside.

Teachers and students draw lots of posters to illustrate different principles and lessons.

The photos show how the teachers write all the lessons on the board and the students copy them into their notebooks. Students do not have their own books.


The 7th grade students and the staff are back in school! 

Zambia education is closed for all other elementary (K-7 in Zambia) students.

The students in Zambia are on a trimester system. They normally have their breaks in April, August, and December. But this year, they missed a third of March, all of April and May, putting them about 6 weeks behind. The 7th graders returned to school on June 1 and will get a shorter break in the fall. They normally take their exams around the first of November. This year, the 7th graders will take their exams on December 21st. Hopefully, the students will be fully prepared by that time for their exams.

  • The 57 students are divided into 3 classrooms (maximum of 20 students per classroom). 
  • Both the teachers and students have to wear masks in and out of the class room.
  • All students and staff will have their temperature taken each day as they arrive.
  • Students are not be allowed to interact as usual, either at break or lunch time
  • Hand sanitizers with water buckets, are at the main gate, toilet and classrooms.
  • Any student or teacher with flu like symptoms will not be allowed in class. 
  • No handshakes.
  • An emergency call center will be alerted if any student or teacher has a temperature above normal.

ALL of the teaching staff in the school will teach the 7th graders in three classrooms. All teachers will be involved in preparation and the teaching.


Ed and Donna Edwards