Water from a Faucet!

No more pumping the water by hand!

Because of YOUR support, we were able to install an electric pump and water tank with a faucet.

As you can see in the picture, water buckets are lined up, waiting to be filled. Even very young girls are responsible for bringing this vital water  to their homes for their families. 

The water faucet makes it immensely easier for anyone to draw water, but it also preserves the life of the pump.

We are very blessed to have an ample supply of water in this well. It stays clean and clear all year round - even in the dry season. 

This well supplies water for many homes in this slum community. The water is used for all of their cooking and all personal hygiene needs. 



Now that we have electricity, a water tank, and an electric pump - we have everything we in place to build a kitchen - we only need the remaining funds, $8,450! Once it is complete we can begin making lunches to Feed the Children of WISDOM.



Ed and Donna Edwards