School Resumed in Zambia

COVID-19 cases surged in Zambia and schools were closed for about six weeks. They recently resumed. They do not have an option for learning at home - if school is closed, no one is learning!

These 8th graders are working hard to catch up for the time they missed!


The 8th grade Home Ec class is learning to make tomato jam. As you can see in the pictures below, the students are cooking outdoors on charcoal braziers. They have electric cooktops available, but most people in this school would not have electricity or cooktops in their home. Most families in the slums use braziers every day. They can also cook larger quantities on a brazier than on a cooktop. Home Ec is a required class for boys and girls.


THANKS to the generosity of many donors, we continue to provide lunch four days a week for all of the students.

Our goal is not to only provide food but also nutrition. We include protein in every meal for the students.

Even though their meals may not resemble ours - they are consistent with the tastes of their culture. The kids eat every bite!

The staff cooks for about 450 children on each of those 4 days.

One of the students says a prayer each day before they are served. 


WHO is excited to be in school?

HOW we love those smiling faces!

A local contractor acquired this playground equipment and donated it to WCS.


These dedicated teachers are committed to the very best
for the children of WISDOM Christian School.


Ed and Donna Edwards