Gifts for Wisdom Kids

The Christmas gifts arived in Zambia. A special day was designated for the children of Wisdom Community School to come back to school to receive their gifts. They have a year-round school year. They are out of school during December. They were happy to come and receive the gifts!

To our brothers and sisters in Christ:

On behalf of the Wisdom Community School's staff and school children, I wish to convey our heartfelt gratitude, for helping to put a smile, upon the faces of each one of us. Our hearts and prayers are with you all.

Wishing you a prosperous and unmatched blessings in the year 2013.

Yours by His grace,

Charles Mutumbala

Christmas Gifts for the Children of Wisdom

The children of Wisdom Community School will have Christmas gifts!

These children live in the slum adjoining around the school. The homes where they live would not afford such gifts.

Thanks to the Zambia Mission team from Living Well in Oklahoma City, who ministered at the school in June. The gifts have arrived and will be distributed on December 21st.

LIVING WELL Zambia Mission 2012 Team

The LIVING WELL Zambia Mission Team 2012 shares their experience at Wisdom Community School in June 2012.

Child of Wisdom

Albert is a Child of Wisdom. He loved getting his Bible. He would have a great smile anytime someone said "Jesus."

New Semester Begins

The schools in Zambia are on a year-round schedule where they go to class for three months, then they are off a month. Our Children of Wisdom have returned to the classroom for their "spring" semester. Since Zambia is in the southern hemisphere, they are now in the spring, rather than autumn.

A few pictures of the children and teachers during their first week of school:


Security Bars Installed

Wisdom Community School is located in the Mwenye Compound, part of the Twapia slum area, outside of Ndola, Zambia. After working on the school building, purchasing bookshelves, and furnishing the school with books, supplies, and recreational equipment, we realized it was necessary to have security bars installed on the doors and one window to secure the items inside. The area has high crime and would be subject to vandals after they learned of items, which could be stolen and resold.

Through donations, the school was able to have the security bars fabricated and installed.


New Semester

Pray for the Children of Wisdom as they start back to school for their fall semester tomorrow. Pray that their teachers will have wisdom as they teach the kids.

"For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6


Individual pictures of the children of Wisdom Community School, taken June 9, 2012.

Amazing Grace by the Children of Wisdom

The children of Wisdom Community School are learing Amazing Grace with motions to go with it. Most of this group of children do not speak English very well or at all.
Mary Kay McCormick, a Living Well Mission Zambia team member, is teaching off-screen. Mary Kay was a wonderful addition to our team. She taught elementary school music her whole career!

Wisdom Children Sing "God Loves the World So Much"

The children at Wisdom Community School are learning the song "God Loves the World So Much." Mary Kay McCormick, a member of the Living Well Zambia Mission team is teaching them the song with motions. They love to sing!

LIVING WELL Mission June 2012

Ed and Donna Edwards, LIVING WELL, returned to Ndola and they brought friends!

Front: Karen Russell, Lois Jefferies, Norma McKinney
Middle: Donna Edwards, Mary Kay McCormick,
Darla Holinsworth, Kathy Jackson
Back: Ed Edwards, John Holinsworth, Ron Jackson
After their January trip, the Edwards saw the Lord raise the funds to continuing paying the staff through 2012 and to have the school plastered on the outside.

God raised up a team of eight others to accompany them on a return trip to Wisdom Community School in June 2012.
The mission for Wisdom was accomplished:
  • Monthly monetary support for three teachers and one caretaker
  • Cement plastering the exterior of the building to prevent deterioration of the earthen bricks
  • Painting the interior and exterior walls
  • Teaching materials (books, paper, pencils, teaching aids, etc.)
  • New doors and locks
  • Recreation equipment - soccer balls, etc.
  • Music equipment, hand instruments
  • New Testament for each child
  • Books and bookcases 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste for each child
  • Numerous Bible materials and craft projects

LIVING WELL partners with Better World

After a site visit in January, 2012, Ed and Donna Edwards (Living Well) returned to Oklahoma with the children of Wisdom on their hearts.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress. (James 1:27a)

At that time, the school had no consistent funding stream to pay the three teachers and one caretaker. We were waiting on the Lord to provide, so that the school could remain open.


Ed and Donna Edwards