BUILD More Classrooms for WISDOM

WISDOM is ready for another classroom building! 

The school has two buildings with 5 classrooms for 7 grades. WCS needs one more classroom building for two more classrooms, so that each class will have their own room. We also need a room for a computer lab and library.

The estimated cost of the building is $30,000. We have $11,000 in donations at this time - $19,000 remaining.

DonateNowWe will meet with contractors in January and will begin construction as soon as the funding is complete. The building will be about the same size as classroom building #2, which was completed in 2014.

WISDOM Offers Shelter from the RAIN

Rainy season has arrived in Zambia!

Home with tin roof held on by rocks.
On a recent night of torrential rain and howling winds, the roofs of several homes around WCS blew off. 

The school administration was notified and the doors were opened for locals to shelter for the night from the soaking rains.
Typical road to WCS during rainy season

Home with rusted tin and plastic on the roof secured by rocks.
Local home with thatched roof

The typical home in that area is made of mud bricks or hand-made concrete blocks. The roofs are thatched or tin roof which are hold down with rocks or whatever is available. They are not permanently secured on the house, making them subject to gusting winds.

Fortunately, WCS did not suffer any damage and could minister to the community.

Barrels for WISDOM

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the books and school supplies for WISDOM Christian School. The barrels were picked up last night! They will go by ship to Zambia and arrive for the new school year in January (we hope!).

We are sending two barrels with school supplies, hundreds of books, kitchen supplies, and some small hand tools.

A few of the hundreds of books bound for WCS.

Through generous donations of school supplies, we were able to send: over 1100 pencils (including some colored pencils), over 400 pens, 10 staplers and 20,000 staples, 700 paper clips, 38 calculators, 100 pencil sharpeners, scissors, rulers, protractors, erasers, compasses, glue sticks, and classroom borders and posters (and more).

School supplies
We were able to ship some kitchen supplies that are cheaper here or that are unavailable there. Included also are some building maintenance tools for the caretaker. 

Kitchen supplies and tools

Please pray for their arrival -without complications!


The Lunch pilot program launched this week at WISDOM. Each student will get one meal per week. Our first meal is rice with peanuts. Our new cook and home ec teacher, Martha, and two helpers prepared the meal. The kids loved it!

DONATE NOW to feed the children of WISDOM!

Cooking for WISDOM

WISDOM Christian School has a new Food Service manager and home tech teacher. We welcome Martha to the WCS team!

The lunch program starts today at WCS! Each student will get a lunch once a week.

Donate now to support the lunch program!



LIVING WELL is shipping a barrel of books and school supplies to WISDOM Christian School  in September. The barrel will be shipped by boat and arrive in Ndola in time for their new school year which begins in January 2017.

We need all items by September 1st.

We need BOOKS! 

Books from beginning readers to 5th grade reading level will be most helpful. [no board books please]. New books or "pass along" books from your collection are welcome!

We need School Supplies!

School supplies will also be included in the barrel. You can find good supplies this time of year at the Dollar stores or Walmart or the office supply stores. We also have a list on Amazon at this link.

Suggested items:
  1. Pencils
  2. Pens
  3. Rulers 
  4. Erasers
  5. Pencil Sharpeners (small individual type)
  6. Drawing compass and protractors 
  7. Tacky putty (removable for hanging posters)
  8. Calculators (solar powered are great)
  9. Correction tape (white out tape)
  10. Paper clips
  11. Stapler and staples
  12. Poster board
  13. Colored pencils
You can deliver or ship the items to our office:
6636 NW 39 Expressway Suite 108
Bethany, OK 73008

If you have any questions, let us know.
(405) 792-2586

WISDOM has a new NAME!

We are now Wisdom CHRISTIAN School!

Why a name change?
  • Community schools are supposed to be run by the community and can be taken over by the government as any time. 
  • Christian schools are private. They are operated by a nonprofit, not the government.
  • “Christian” better defines the mission of the school. The school was started by a Christian ministry and still operated by a Christian ministry.
The school will still be open to the community.

Because of the support of the Christian community in the U.S., the school does not have to charge fees for students to attend.

The school does not require its students to be Christians, but they will hear a Christian message while attending.

Lessons of CAMP WISDOM

Get in the boat!

The primary goal of CAMP WISDOM is to teach the children about Jesus. We do it through the way we show them love, through the lessons, the music, the games, and the crafts.

We used the story of Noah and the ark this year. We taught about God's saving Noah, his family, and the animals from the flood. The picture of  Noah being saved from destruction by getting in the boat illustrates our salvation from destruction through Jesus Christ.
God speaks to Noah

The lessons were written (by team member,
Darla Holinsworth) as a drama for the children. The adult team said the dialogue and the kids acted it out. Our team worked with the drama team every afternoon after CAMP WISDOM was finished to learn their parts for the next day.

We even moved the kids from one room to another to illustrate the idea of getting in the boat.

Kids are moving to get on the boat!

On the boat - using rainmakers made during craft time.
WISDOM has some very talented kids who helped paint backdrops for the story.


One of the highlights of CAMP WISDOM is always when the kids play outside. Most schools don't have time for organized recreation.

The Mission Zambia team plans a variety of activities for the kids - some that are repeated every year and some are new.

 Whenever possible, we try to link the activities with the lesson. Since the lessons were about Noah and the ark this year, we laid out a route that was about the same length as the perimeter of the ark. We were trying to show them in a tangible way how large the ark was.

Chris leads the pack on the route.

Four-square was the new game of the year for the camp. The adult helpers liked it as much as the kids! 

 They never get tired of the parachute!

Camp Wisdom 2016

The team from Living Well had a great Bible camp for the Children of Wisdom.

We had games, music, arts and crafts, and Bible lessons centered around the story of Noah and the ark. More pictures to come!

Camp Wisdom 2016

WISDOM in the Community

This sign may not look like a big deal to you. We see voting center signs regularly - often at a school. ..... But it is a very big deal!

Part 1 of the very big deal:
The city of Ndola recognizes this area as a valid community with voters.

People came into this area - outside a slum of Ndola - and started occupying it. We would call them "homesteaders" or "squatters."

They started building houses from handmade mud bricks or homemade concrete blocks. Recently, the city government recognized the area as a viable community and let the people claim their land.

Part 2 of the very big deal:
This school, started by a ministry as a community school with one grade and one teacher in a church that was falling down, is now a beacon in the community. The city recognizes its prominence and sees it as a trustworthy site for a voter center.

Zambia is having national elections in August. They have a democratic form of government and the people will participate in choosing their next president.


The second term of the 2016 school recently started at WISDOM Community School. The morning students line up before entering the classrooms and have prayer as they start their day.

Kitchen of WISDOM

The kitchen building is almost complete!!

When the LIVING WELL team arrives in June, they will do the "finish out" of the building.

  • Paint inside and outside
  • Build shelves for the kitchen and the storage rooms
  • Build cabinets and counter tops
  • Install range, cooktop, and refrigerator
Please pray for the contractor as he finishes and the LIVING WELL team as they prepare.

A Roof over WISDOM

The roof is on the Kitchen Building at WISDOM Community School. The Kitchen Building is nearing completion by the contractor. He will prepare it for the LIVING WELL team to come in and do the finish work when they arrive in June. The LIVING WELL team will put in shelving counters and appliances to prepare the building for cooking!


Team members: Sherry & Charlie Beair, Donna & Ed Edwards, Brianna & Travis Lake, Richard Turner, Darla & John Holinsworth, Anita and Isaiah Powers, Brian & Chris Matlock

LIVING WELL's MISSION ZAMBIA team for 2016 has come together!

We have started meeting and planning for the mission at WISDOM Community School. The mission trip June 1-13, 2016.


  • Construction projects - kitchen building (painting, cabinets, shelving, appliances), building maintenance of classrooms, landscaping 
  • Provide resources

Camp Wisdom for 400 Children of WISDOM

  • Bible lessons
  • Music
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • T-shirts


    • Project cost for LIVING WELL = $14,500
    • Team members provide for their own expenses (through donations or their personal funds).

Click here to DONATE NOW!

WISDOM Kitchen walls going up!

The walls are going up on the kitchen building at WISDOM Community School!

Students of WISDOM get new desks!

When the school stared in January year at WISDOM Community School, we had 81 students in the 4th grade with 14 desks. The desks were made for 2 or 3 students to sit side-by-side. But we had 4 or 5 students per desk and some children sitting on the floor. The children of WISDOM want to learn so much that they are willing to sit on the floor if necessary to be able to go to school.

Because of the generous donation of a supporter, we were able to add more desks to that classroom as well as several others!

New desks in the 1st grade class (this room is used by 4th graders in the afternoon)

The Kitchen at WISDOM started!

The kitchen building is underway! When this building is complete, we can begin serving lunches at WISDOM Community School.

Brother Charles meets with the contractor to lay out the kitchen building.
Laying out the foundation of the building. 
Building outline

Digging footings for foundation
Pouring the slab
More foundation work


Ed and Donna Edwards