WISDOM Offers Shelter from the RAIN

Rainy season has arrived in Zambia!

Home with tin roof held on by rocks.
On a recent night of torrential rain and howling winds, the roofs of several homes around WCS blew off. 

The school administration was notified and the doors were opened for locals to shelter for the night from the soaking rains.
Typical road to WCS during rainy season

Home with rusted tin and plastic on the roof secured by rocks.
Local home with thatched roof

The typical home in that area is made of mud bricks or hand-made concrete blocks. The roofs are thatched or tin roof which are hold down with rocks or whatever is available. They are not permanently secured on the house, making them subject to gusting winds.

Fortunately, WCS did not suffer any damage and could minister to the community.


Ed and Donna Edwards