CHILDREN Having CHILDREN and/or Getting Married

Abigail, 8th Grade
Abigail is an 8th grade student at WISDOM Christian School. Abigail recently gave birth.
She would like to return to school, but has a problem with childcare.

YOUNG GIRLS getting pregnant and/or marrying at a young age is a serious issue in Zambia. Two problems exist that are interconnected.

One problem occurs when girls have their menstrual periods. In the slum, most do not have access to sanitary pads. When they have their periods, they often miss school. Consequently, girls may miss 3-5 days of school each month. Their local culture does not emphasize female education. So, if a girl falls behind in school, most families are not concerned.

The other problem is teen pregnancy and teenage girls getting married. Some WCS 7th and 8th grade girls have become pregnant and dropped out of school. The solution is complex, but studies show that a lack of information on sex and dropping out/falling behind in school contribute to the problem. Zambia also has a higher morbidity rate for teen girls who become pregnant.

The administration and teachers at WISDOM Christian School are very concerned about these problems. Thanks to a generous donation, WCS held a one-day seminar for the preteens and teen-age girls at WCS. 

One session was lead by the Nurse-in-Charge from a new government clinic. The second session was facilitated by a guidance counselor from Ndola University Teaching College.

About 85 WCS female students attended the sessions. The instructors shared some of the health concerns of sex and pregnancy at a young age, as well as basic information about female menstruation and sexual reproduction. They were also encouraged to maintain abstinence and stay in school. 

Teachers took turns holding
Abigail's baby so that she
could attend the seminar

To facilitate better attendance for menstruating girls, the school supplied the girls with disposable sanitary napkins. A supply will also be kept at school for emergencies. 

One of the teachers
is now designated as a counselor for the girls. The girls know that the school is concerned about their welfare and will be available to help.

The next step is to provide a seminar to engage parents/caregivers about the topic and to provide instructions to the teenage boys as well.

The school will continue to address this issue on a regular basis. 

Your donations to WISDOM Christian School make a difference!


 The 7th graders of WISDOM Christian School are taking tests all week to determine if they are qualified to go on to the 8th grade.

7th Graders

The education department of Zambia has very strict requirements on how they are to be administered.

Their desks were taken to the chapel and had to be spread out. 

Some of the WCS teachers went to a different school to act as proctors. Teachers from another school came to WISDOM to administer the tests for our students.

If a student does not pass, they either repeat 7th grade or drop out. Unfortunately, we have seen several students, especially girls, drop out. Some of the girls have no goals except to be a wife and mother. 

We are working to inspire them to continue their education and go onto grade 8!


Ed and Donna Edwards