How do you build WISDOM school 10,000 miles away?

When LIVING WELL initially started raising funds to build at WISDOM Christian School, one of the concerns was knowing that the work was done according to the design and expectations of their plans and specifications.

It takes a team!!

Ed has a background in construction management and knows  how to write specs and draw plans. But he couldn't be there in person. Brother Charles is the on-site eyes and ears of the project management.  He sends regular updates and pictures to communicate what is happening.

Watch this foundation as it takes form. 
[previous post has the contractor laying out the building]

David, the contractor, on the concrete slab foundation 

Exciting Development for Educating Children of WISDOM

Construction begins on Classroom Building #3!!

Many thanks to our donors who funded
100% of our third classroom building!

While in Zambia, Ed Edwards met with Brother Charles and a contractor about a new classroom building. Shortly after the return of the LIVING WELL Mission Zambia team to the U.S., donations were received to fund the project. The contractor was then issued a contract for the new building. We pray that the contractor can finish the building before the rainy season begins.

The building will have two more classrooms, which will give WCS a classroom for each grade 1-7. The building will also have a room for a computer lab, giving room for as many as 15 computers. There will also be a room for a new kindergarten class. Zambia public schools offer kindergarten in all of their public schools. WCS will also follow that pattern.

The completion of this building will complete the current master plan for WISDOM Christian School!


Ed and Donna Edwards