Growing, Growing, Growing

March 1st marked the official launch of the 8th grade at WISDOM Christian School! And WCS offering secondary education.

Many generous donors made it possible to furnish:  

New Uniforms for the 8th Graders

New and Larger Computer Lab 

LIVING WELL set up the first WCS computer lab three years ago with 10 computers. We now have 30! The students are coping material written on the blackboard before they begin their hands-on work on the computers.

Science Lab and Necessary Equipment

Two Sewing Machines for the Home Economics Class

In Zambia, garments that are made by a tailor cost less than ready-made garments in a store. Learning how to use a sewing machine is a valuable skill for men and women.

We provide a nutritious lunch for all the children four days of every week. 

More Teachers

We shared a photo in our last post of the new teachers. The 8th grader teachers must have a certification on particular  secondary subjects to teach. These teachers also teach with some lower grades as well.

Teachers, lunches, and other resources increase the cost of operating WISDOM Christian School. LIVING WELL raises 100% of the funds to support and develop WCS, and 100% of donations for WCS go to WCS (no administrative fees are taken out).

Be a part of this mission to the CHILDREN of WISDOM!



Ed and Donna Edwards