Funding Complete for Classroom Building!

We have received full funding for the estimated cost of Classroom Building #2!

We are in the process of meeting with contractors to determine which one is best for this project. We hope to begin the construction very soon! The LIVING WELL team memebers, who will come in June, 2014, will do the finish-out work on the building.

Our school has only two classrooms right now for 220 children in grades 1-6. Two classes meet in a storage room!

Wisdom Community School has added a grade level each year since it started. The plan is to have a full elementary school, grades 1-7. Unfortunately, we do not have enough space to add grade 7 when the new school year begins next week. The 12 children of WCS who wish to continue to the 7th grade will attend classes in Twapia, the closest community to Mwenye.

Classroom building #2 will add three classrooms to the school, for a total of 5 classrooms. After this building is complete, there will be ample room to have grade levels 1-7.


Ed and Donna Edwards