If You Lived in Zambia

What would it be like to live in Zambia?

It's impossible to completely describe, it but this chart is a good place to start.

Just consider a few of these stats.
  • Life expectancy: While our life expectancy is near 80 years, Zambia's is closer to 50. Some of us would already have died! 
  • Income: A person who makes $60,000/year, could expect to make $2,000/year!
  • Health care: Zambian's pay much less for health care - not because it costs a lot less, but because most people can't afford to get ANY health care.
  • Electricity and oil use: They use a lot less oil and electricity, because most people don't have cars or electricity!
  • Family size: If you have two children in your family now, you would be more likely to have six children in your family in Zambia. 
Other stats not in the chart:
  • Sanitation: In rural Zambia (such as the area of WCS), less than 2% of homes have flushing toilets. About 18%, use the bushes, no sanitation facility at all. The rest, about 80% use a latrine, mostly dry latrines (the holes fill up and the latrine is moved to another place).
  • Water: In rural Zambia (such as the area of WCS), about 4% would have some kind of tap water (could be in the house, from a outdoor faucet, or from a public faucet). About 66% rely on ground water (wells or springs) and 25% on surface water (rivers, lakes, etc). Of the 66% who use ground water, only 25% are using water from a mechanically drilled well (borehole) which is cleaner, more dependable, and long-lasting. WCS has a borehole.
  • Education: almost half of all children (47%) who are enrolled in school doing not complete a primary school education!
How big is Zambia?
  • Compared to Oklahoma: 4.15 times larger
  • Compared to Texas: 1.08 times larger

Wall of WISDOM is Rising

The security wall around the campus of WISDOM Community School continues to get taller! Thanks again to all who donated for this project. You can also see power poles with power lines on the poles. Next step is for Zesco (the local power company) to run the power from the poles to the school building.

And of course, the kids in the tree! Couldn't leave that one out!


Ed and Donna Edwards