The Walls are going Up!

The concrete block walls on the new Classroom Building #2 are going up! The building is still on schedule. Great progress!

Gifts for the Children of Wisdom

Thank you to the Bearen class of Putnam City Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for the gifts for the children of Wisdom Community School.

Excitement abounds!

3rd and 4th grade girls just received their gift bags!

5th and 6th Graders hold up their new gifts.

Donna Edwards hands out gifts to 3rd and 4th grade girls.

Boys are examining all their new cars and frisbees.

Some trading happened right away!

Donna Edwards and Darla Holinsworth hand out girls gift bags.

Darla Holinsworth hands out girls gift bags.

Boys are playing with their new frisbees.

Construction Progress on Classroom Building #2

Construction continues on the second classroom building. The stem walls are going up.


Ed and Donna Edwards