What Can Happen to a School in a Slum?

Watch what happens when God works in the heart of Christians!

This short video shows the development of the campus at WISDOM Christian School from June 2012 - Present.

It includes these projects and more:
  • Plaster, paint, and add ceilings to existing classroom building (2 rooms).
  • Drill water well for ample, year-round, clean water for school and community.
  • Build Classroom Building #2 (3 rooms)
  • Build a security wall.
  • Add electricity.
  • Build a kitchen to serve lunch.
  • Build Classroom Building #3 (2 large classrooms, 1 kindergarten room, 1 computer lab).
  • Add 10 computers!
  • Build Chapel/Auditorium (currently under construction)
  • Landscaping

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How does 7 Years of Ministry look?

Rejoice with us!

See what God has done in 7 years of ministry at WISDOM Christian School.

ED and DONNA EDWARDS of LIVING WELL first visited WCS in January of 2012. Then God put a plan in motion to reach those CHILDREN in the slum of a slum outside Ndola, Zambia.

God took off and we have had to run to keep up with Him!

Watch for the next post to see the development of the campus at WISDOM.

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WISDOM Chapel Rising!

The walls of the chapel are up!
The roof construction is started!

We are thankful for the progress on the Chapel for WCS. The goal is to get the roof on before the rainy season begins - and it's not far off!

The completed chapel will give the students a place to assemble and a place to eat lunch. It will also provide a larger venue for the church that meets in a classroom at the school.

The Lord is gracious!

YOU Did It!

Because of YOU  - our DONORS - the Chapel/Auditorium at WISDOM is fully funded!

And the contractor has broken ground!

The building should be complete before the rainy season!
THANKS to all who gave and prayed!

How do you do VBS with 420 kids?

See the highlights of MISSION ZAMBIA 2018. 

We ministered to 420 kids in K-7 grades. We had 9 on our VBS team and 2 doing construction work + lots of local help!

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Campus Update and Exciting News!
Wow, what dramatic changes in the WCS campus since 2012!
While we have several other projects on the drawing board, there is room for one more large building on the campus and there is a great need for it. The missing link is a chapel/auditorium. We’re ready to get moving on this project!

The plans and specifications are complete and cost proposals have been obtained. The total cost of the project is only $32,000! Our contractors are ready to roll!

A generous donor has pledged the match all donations dollar for dollar up to $16,000! That means we only need additional donations of $16,000 to get this vital project going!
To double your impact . . . . 

This building will be a multi-purpose structure:
  • School auditorium/chapel
  • Church venue - a church was started on campus 3 years ago and currently meets in a classroom.
  • Lunch room during the rainy season (kids eat lunch outside, on benches, under a big tree)
  • Extra classroom space, as needed
  • Community meeting space
Rendering of auditorium/chapel - placed on existing space
Take a 30 second video tour of the proposed building!     

Google Earth View of WCS Campus
The project includes: 
  • Auditorium building with pastor's study, stage, and storage room
  • Sound system
  • Seating for 200
  • Lighting and ceiling fans
  • Furniture for the pastor’s study
  • Pulpit
  • Upgrading the entire campus to three phase electricity (more efficient and less costly power).
Interior rendering from entrance
If we can start construction by the middle of August, the building should be finished by years’ end, ready for the 2019 school year! What a blessing that would be for the 420 students, as well as the staff and community.

The Lord has certainly blessed in the six and a half years since Living Well became involved -
  • Renovation of the original classroom building
  • Constructing three new buildings adding six more classrooms, kitchen and office
  • Bringing electricity to the campus
  • Drilling a water well with a storage tank
  • Construction of the security wall and three latrine buildings, as well as a flagpole and lots of landscaping. 
WCS 2012
WCS Current 2018
Contributions from faithful supporters have made this progress happen! 

We ask you to please help us fund this project and feel free to share the need with others.


What is the way for CHILDREN of WISDOM?

"EDUCATION is the way" sings one of the WCS boys. He wrote this song and sang it for us.

Why go 10,000 miles to teach the Bible?

Group photo - Camp Wisdom '18
420 Children, 11 USA Team, 17 Zambia Team
We go for these 420 Children of WISDOM!

We go to see how God works around the world.

We go to see what God wants to do in our hearts through this mission.

The smiles on these faces tell the story.


John and Darla Holinsworth went on the first mission team with us to WCS - June 2012. They have made about 10 trips back with us since then. We don't "recruit" them to be on the team. They help us recruit others to go.

But ..... things happen. They were on a trip and Darla broke her ankle. After consulting with doctors upon their return to OKC, they notified us that they were not going to go after all. Mission Zambia will not be the same without them.

We began to pray earnestly for the Lord to provide someone to join the team and use the plane tickets that were already purchased. 

The Lord was faithful! Jack and Terri Bailey will be going with us!! We have known them for over 20 years. They were in our very first nearly, newly married class at PCBC. They have expressed a desire to go on the mission many times. We are excited about having them on the team! You can see their picture in the top left corner below.

  • Ed and Donna Edwards
  • Beth Autry
  • Paula Cobb
  • Tonya Ward*
  • Sherry and Charlie Beair
  • Anita Powers
  • Georgia Abbott*
  • Jack and Terri Bailey*
*First time on Zambia mission team.


  • Construction projects 
  • Provide Resources 
  • For: 400 Children of WISDOM 
  • BIBLE lessons 
  • MUSIC 
  • GAMES 
  • T-shirts

WISDOM Staff for 2018

The WISDOM staff continues to grow!

In 2012, WCS had 3 teachers and 1 caretaker/security guard.

To begin the 2018 school year, WCS now has 18 employees! 

Besides providing an education for 400 children in a slum, WCS has provided jobs for 18 staff member. All of the staff are very committed to providing a good education to the CHILDREN of WISDOM.

Top (l-r): Rogers (pastor), Chanda (caretaker), Leonard Sakala (longest employed, security guard), Bruno (security guard), Abraham (security guard), Victoria (teacher), Phenny (teacher), Brother Charles (school manager)
Bottom (l-r): Abigail (teacher), Susan (teacher), Mary (teacher), Sonile (senior teacher), Martha (cook), Annie (cook), Mable (teacher), Mildred (teacher), Mirriam (teacher on parental leave), Ruth (teacher)



From Putnam City Baptist Church in Oklahoma City:
  • Ed and Donna Edwards
  • John and Darla Holinsworth
  • Beth Autry
  • Paula Cobb
  • Tonya Ward*
From Southern Hills Baptist Church in Tulsa:
  • Sherry and Charlie Beair
From Saint Aidan's Anglican Church in Kansas City:
  • Anita Powers
  • Georgia Abbott*
*First time on Zambia mission team.

Please pray for the team as they prepare for this year's mission trip, May 30 - June 11.

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Computer Lab Completed
The Zambian government requires computer training beginning in the 5th grade. However, most of this community does not even have electricity or plumbing, much less computers. Putting a computer lab in a school in the slums is a BIG DEAL!

One of our main objectives at WISDOM Christian School during our January mission was to set up the computer lab. We had several concerns regarding the success of the task.

1. Would all of the monitors, keyboards, and peripherals arrive in good condition? 
Ed unpacking monitors that were shipped ahead.
Ed and John Holinsworth unpacking computer parts.
2. Would the room be finished?

3. Could we remember how to put it all together?

Darla Holinsworth putting computers together.

John Holinsworth putting computers together.
4. Would the computers actually work?
Computer module attached
to the back of the monitor.
Teachers Abigail and Mildred trying them out.

5. Would we be able to train the teachers?
    YES! Hmmm . . . .  I think so. We tried!

6. Will the students be able to use the computers?

WISDOM Starts in Kindergarten

The 2018 school recently started at WISDOM Christian School. For the first time, WCS has a kindergarten class. The classroom is in the new Classroom Building #3.

The class is limited to 25, adorable 5 year olds!

The kids are excited to go to school and to learn.


Ed and Donna Edwards