Frequently asked questions about going on the Mission Zambia trip to minister at WISDOM Christian School:
  1. Will I be useful to the mission?
    • Anyone with a willing heart and a love for the Lord is useful for the mission. We work diligently while we are there, but we enjoy the time as well. We train everyone that works with Camp Wisdom. We try to utilize any special talents or gifts of the team members.
  2. What is different about this mission trip from others?
    • We are committed to WISDOM Christian School. We have had multiple mission trips since 2012 to the school and will continue to go there. On many other mission trips, a person will go into an area and never go back to the same place. They don't see those people again and the local people have no ongoing connection to the team. But at WISDOM Christian School, we know them, they know us. The community is excited about our presence. We see the same kids from year to year. We know their names and they know us. We get to see their growth and development. 
  3. Is it hot there?
    • No. The average high temperature in Ndola, during June, is 76 degrees. The average low is 49. The average rainfall is 0". It's the dry season. Lots of sunshine. 
  4. Will I have to eat weird food?
    • No. Their diet is a little different from ours. But roasted chicken and chips (French fries) are always on the menu. The place we stay has food that is compatible with American tastes. You can bring your own snacks or shop at the local grocery store. You will have the opportunity to try some local specialties if you so desire.
  5. Where do we stay?   
    • We stay at a lodge. It is in a garden type setting. The place is clean and comfortable. Each room has its own bathroom. The bathrooms have Western toilets (sit down), showers, and sinks. They have hot water. We book 2 people to a room, unless it is not possible or desired.
  6. Will I be safe?
    • Yes. We fly all the way to Ndola. We have a bus to transport the team on the ground. We go as a group. We have African colleagues that are trustworthy to accompany us. The lodge has a security wall around it with a gate and a security guard on duty.
  7. How far is it?
    • It is about 10,000 miles from Oklahoma City. It takes about 27-30 hours of flying and layovers. From OKC, we fly to another U.S. city. Then we fly overnight to a European city for a layover. Then we have another flight to Nairobi, shorter layover. The last flight is three hours to Ndola.
  8. Can I drink the water?
    • No. We provide bottled water for everyone at all times, after we leave Europe. 
  9. Do I have to get shots before I go?
    • It is up to every individual whether they get the recommended vaccinations. The CDC has recommended vaccinations on their website. We use the county health department (international travel) to get our shots. Depending on which vaccinations you have had in the past, the number you need can vary.
  10. Do I have to take any other special medical precautions?
    • We recommend taking a malaria preventative medicine, either Malarone or Doxycyclene.
  11. Do they speak English?
    • Zambia's official national language is English. The local language is Bemba. Many adults speak English. Only the older children at the school speak some English. Everyone who teaches at Camp Wisdom will have their own interpreter.
  12. What do we wear?
    • We provide Camp Wisdom t-shirts and a WCS polo shirt. Jeans or other long pants are acceptable (no shorts). Women wear skirts (below the knee) to church. We recommend a light jacket or sweater for mornings and evenings. 
  13. How can I afford to spend that much money?
    • We believe that the Lord will provide for those He calls. All expenses paid to LIVING WELL for the trip are tax-deductible. Many of our team members raise support to pay for the trip. We will guide you in sending out letters and/or emails. We provide an online page for you to use to raise funds. Many churches help support their members on mission trips. Ultimately, each individual is responsible to make sure their expenses are covered.
Donna and Ed Edwards, team leaders, have been to Africa many times. They provide orientation and training sessions in preparation for the mission trip. 


Ed and Donna Edwards