WISDOM has a new NAME!

We are now Wisdom CHRISTIAN School!

Why a name change?
  • Community schools are supposed to be run by the community and can be taken over by the government as any time. 
  • Christian schools are private. They are operated by a nonprofit, not the government.
  • “Christian” better defines the mission of the school. The school was started by a Christian ministry and still operated by a Christian ministry.
The school will still be open to the community.

Because of the support of the Christian community in the U.S., the school does not have to charge fees for students to attend.

The school does not require its students to be Christians, but they will hear a Christian message while attending.

Lessons of CAMP WISDOM

Get in the boat!

The primary goal of CAMP WISDOM is to teach the children about Jesus. We do it through the way we show them love, through the lessons, the music, the games, and the crafts.

We used the story of Noah and the ark this year. We taught about God's saving Noah, his family, and the animals from the flood. The picture of  Noah being saved from destruction by getting in the boat illustrates our salvation from destruction through Jesus Christ.
God speaks to Noah

The lessons were written (by team member,
Darla Holinsworth) as a drama for the children. The adult team said the dialogue and the kids acted it out. Our team worked with the drama team every afternoon after CAMP WISDOM was finished to learn their parts for the next day.

We even moved the kids from one room to another to illustrate the idea of getting in the boat.

Kids are moving to get on the boat!

On the boat - using rainmakers made during craft time.
WISDOM has some very talented kids who helped paint backdrops for the story.


One of the highlights of CAMP WISDOM is always when the kids play outside. Most schools don't have time for organized recreation.

The Mission Zambia team plans a variety of activities for the kids - some that are repeated every year and some are new.

 Whenever possible, we try to link the activities with the lesson. Since the lessons were about Noah and the ark this year, we laid out a route that was about the same length as the perimeter of the ark. We were trying to show them in a tangible way how large the ark was.

Chris leads the pack on the route.

Four-square was the new game of the year for the camp. The adult helpers liked it as much as the kids! 

 They never get tired of the parachute!


Ed and Donna Edwards