WISDOM at Play

There were no playgrounds at WISDOM Christian School or in their community or the surrounding areas. So, the new playground built this summer by the LIVING WELL team is a real treat! We fenced the area to regulate the size and quantity of children on the playground at one time.

They do love it!

Watch what happened this summer!

Great time at WISDOM Christian School in June! The LIVING WELL team returned for CAMP WISDOM and to update the campus. Watch a short video of what happened!


We did it! God sent us on a mission to WISDOM Christian School to teach the Bible and build a playground.

THANK YOU for sending this team!

We ministered to 450 kids! Our team of 19 from the U.S. had many inspiring and tiring days in Ndola, Zambia.

We taught the story of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus from the New Testament. Our theme was CHOOSE LIFE from John 11:25, "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live."

Playground for the younger students bordered by classroom building with 75' mural!

Check back in days to come for more photos and reports on Mission Zambia 2019.


MISSION ZAMBIA 2019 team is ready to go!

Team members - bottom row (l-r) Brian Matlock (3), Travis (2) & Madison Lake*; middle: Mary & Dennis Winters*, Tara Matlock (2), Mary Kay McCormick (5), Judy & Larry Wilkinson*, Sherry Beair (4); top: Anita Powers (5), Donna & Ed Edwards, John & Darla Holinsworth (8+), Paula (3) & Chris* Cobb, Steve Lewis*, Charlie Beair (4)
* First time, others have the number of CAMP WISDOM trips this will make for them

The team is prepared to 5 days of CAMP WISDOM (a VBS type event). Since we have over 450 kids (grades K-7) attending, we divide it into 3 sessions. Then we divide each of those sessions into 3 groups and rotate them through the different areas. So, our lessons are taught 9 times each day!!

Our construction team is building a playground for the younger kids, using locally sourced materials. And there are always maintenance projects for the team.

MISSION ZAMBIA starts May 29. Prayers are valuable to us!

Who educates the CHILDREN of WISDOM?

WISDOM Christian School has a terrific teaching staff! 

They have made unbelievable progress with the children. The first group of 7th graders at WCS had to have extra tutoring to be able to pass their classes and the exam to qualify to go on to the 8th grade. 

Since our new teachers were hired, they have faithfully worked hard to teach all of the children.  Now all of the 7th graders pass their exams and some qualify to go to the more advanced 8th grade school!

Back Row: Sonile (3rd & Teacher in Charge), Ruth (2nd), Monica (1st), Mildred (6th)
Front Row: Miriam (7th), Mabel (5th), Susan (K), Abigail (K), Phenni (4th)

When LIVING WELL assumed the support and development of WCS in 2012, there were grades 1-4, 140 students, and 3 teachers.

WCS now has kindergarten - 7th grade, over 400 students, and 9 teachers.

We are so appreciative of the work each teacher does!

Worship Begins in New Chapel!

 WISDOM Christian School Chapel is Complete!

The students will use this space for a chapel/auditorium. During the rainy season, they will also eat lunch in here.

On Sunday, January 20, 2019, WISDOM Christ Church worshipped in the chapel building for the first time. Most of the 200 chairs were occupied!

Panorama of the first worship service.

Ed Edwards speaks and
makes a prayer of dedication.

Brother Charles preaches
a sermon of dedication.
Special Musicians lead worship and praise.


Ed and Donna Edwards