Who educates the CHILDREN of WISDOM?

WISDOM Christian School has a terrific teaching staff! 

They have made unbelievable progress with the children. The first group of 7th graders at WCS had to have extra tutoring to be able to pass their classes and the exam to qualify to go on to the 8th grade. 

Since our new teachers were hired, they have faithfully worked hard to teach all of the children.  Now all of the 7th graders pass their exams and some qualify to go to the more advanced 8th grade school!

Back Row: Sonile (3rd & Teacher in Charge), Ruth (2nd), Monica (1st), Mildred (6th)
Front Row: Miriam (7th), Mabel (5th), Susan (K), Abigail (K), Phenni (4th)

When LIVING WELL assumed the support and development of WCS in 2012, there were grades 1-4, 140 students, and 3 teachers.

WCS now has kindergarten - 7th grade, over 400 students, and 9 teachers.

We are so appreciative of the work each teacher does!


Ed and Donna Edwards