Learning at WISDOM

This world-wide pandemic has shuttered all school in Zambia. The children served by WCS don't have the opportunity for "distance learning" and do not have electricity in their homes. We are in a "wait and see" mode to see when classes will resume. 

LIVING WELL is committed to continue to pay all of the staff as long as funds are available.

Meanwhile, the contractor has finished the secondary school building. Two classrooms from classroom building #3 will be reassigned as a computer lab (larger than the present lab) and a science lab. Grades 6 and 7 will meet in the new building when the 2021 school year begins.

Part of the goal for LIVING WELL's June mission trip was to prepare tables with sinks, etc. for the new science lab. We pray that LIVING WELL will be able to return later in the year to prepare the science lab and equip the computer lab.

Take a look at the completed, new classroom building!

The "front" of the secondary classroom building. This door is to the administrator's office.

The "back" of the building. This end faces classroom building #1.

This side of the building faces classroom building #2. 
This wing of the building has 3 of the classrooms. 

Interior of one class - lighting AND  ceiling fan!

The wing on the right side of the picture has 2 classrooms.
This building was designed to go around the WISDOM tree. The tree's trunk has lost a lot of the dirt that the multiple roots/trunks grew in. It was decided that the best course of action would be to build a retaining wall around it and not allow anyone to climb on it or in it. 


Ed and Donna Edwards