WISDOM is going to High School

Grade levels K-7 are offered at WCS. Students are responding to the excellent teaching by doing extremely well on end of term exams and all of the grade 7 students qualify to progress to secondary school (grades 8-12).

Very, very few of them can go on to public secondary school due to having no financial means for school fees, uniforms, transportation, etc. So, many of them simply end their education at grade 7. This breaks our heart since we know that having a high school diploma is the key ingredient for these kids to get jobs or even further their education to university.

Add another building for a secondary school, grades 8-12.

So, we found a way to incorporate another building into the campus master plan (see below), drew the plans, and received city approval.

We are thrilled to announce that ground was broken on August 5! 

Grade 8 classes will begin with the January 2020 term and we look forward to having the first WCS high school graduates in 2024!  To God be the glory!
Aerial view of campus
Layout for Classroom Building #4. Original Classroom is in the center back.
Classroom Building #2 is right back. Classroom Building #3 is left back.
Footings of new building. Chapel in center back.

Walls are going up! Kitchen is in the back left.


Ed and Donna Edwards