We have chicks!

Thanks to the donations of many friends of WISDOM Christian School, the building is finished and the baby chicks are in place and growing!

The building has two spaces for the chickens inside. One space is for the brand new baby chicks that are purchased at one day old. They stay in the space with heaters, water, and feed. At two weeks old, they are moved to the second space for about four more weeks. At that time they are ready to sell and to eat!

We buy 100 at a time. We wait for the first 100 to move to the second space before buying the second 100. They are given vitamins and antibiotics from a young age. 

Brand new chicks!

Chicks that are a little over two weeks old.

A Place for Poultry

THANK YOU to all our donors who made it possible for WISDOM Christian School to raise chickens!

We have made significant progress in building the future home of many baby chicks! 

The contractor expects to finish in the next couple of weeks.

View the Poultry Place progress (newest photos first):

Put some Poultry on a Plate

The primary mission of Wisdom Christian School is to provide a free education for over 500 vulnerable children (currently grades K-9) in the Mwenye slum of Ndola, Zambia. Through you, our generous donors, the Lord has provided a wonderful campus and a phenomenal staff of 22. 

Secondly, but very important, has been our desire to provide support and minister to the community surrounding the school. That is why we helped plant Wisdom Christ Church, which meets in the chapel building at the school. Additionally, we always allow the community to get clean water from the school’s well. And as a direct result of the school’s presence, the government has recently constructed a community clinic on the adjacent property. Our future plans include initiating some adult education courses after school hours, such as learning English.

We are always looking for ways to enhance both the school and to impact the community. It is time to take another step in achieving that. After consultation with Brother Charles (school manager), and much prayer, we believe that the Lord has led us to begin a Poultry Raising Project at the school. This endeavor will provide the following impact.

1. Introduction of a protein rich traditional meal (chicken, rice, and vegetables) into the existing school lunch program.

2. Wisdom Christ Church can introduce periodic invitation and fellowship Sundays, where congregants and visitors would enjoy a chicken meal.

3. We would employ two young men from the community to be trained in chicken rearing, under the supervision of the school staff. They would be responsible for care of the poultry.

4. Once a month, depending on the number of birds available, we would sell some of the chickens to the general public at a lower than market price. This would be in our quest to improve food security and affordability to this impoverished community. Proceeds will allow purchase of new chicks and feed.

5. Incorporate this entrepreneurship model into the curriculum of the upper grades, showing them an example of business start-up and management.

The project will include an 800 square foot building and all the necessary equipment to house 200 broiler chickens. Brother Charles has consulted with local poultry experts and suppliers, as well as our building contractor. The total cost for the project will be $6,000 (includes the building, necessary equipment, chicks, feed, vitamins and medicine). This relatively small investment will have a huge impact on both the school and community.

We welcome your donations to help us with this vital new program!

The Zambia rainy season begins in November and we hope to have the project completed before then. 

We can’t do it without your support.

To DONATE NOW, click here. 

100% of all donations go toward this project and are fully tax-deductible.

Changing Faces

 A new term starts the first of September at WISDOM Christian School and with it come new faces.

We are sad to say goodbye to five of our teachers - Mirriam, Phenni, Mabel, Joseph, and Doma. They served the school well. We will miss their faces and their teachings.

But we are also saying hello to five new teachers. 

  • Terrence will teach 7th grade.
  • Abednego (male) will teach 6th grade.
  • Christine will teach 2nd grade.
  • Kelvin will teach science in the secondary grades.
  • Marvis (female) will teach the Business Studies and Communication Technology (includes computer) in the secondary grades.
We welcome all the new teachers and wish them well in their teaching assignments.

L-R: Christine, Abednego, Marvis, and Kelvin


Zambia has had too many teachers for not enough jobs for several years. As a result, WCS has been able to hire teachers as a modest salary. This year, the government decided to try to reduce the class sizes in public schools (in the past, they have had as many as 80 students in a class). They hired 30,000 teachers so far this year! 

They hired some wonderful, long-term WCS teachers! The government pays 2-3 times what WISDOM Christian school is able to pay at this time. 

We pray that as time goes on that we are able to sustain higher wagers for our teachers!

What's cooking at WCS?

 Our secondary students (grades 8 & 9) all take Home Ec classes - the boys and girls.

One part of their class is learning to cook, prepare meals, and setting a nice table. They have been busy!


Because the school has a kitchen, they are able to do their practicals on site. 

Very few of these students would have electricity or running water in their homes. Even if they had electricity, they would not have a range with an oven.

These cooking lessons give them the opportunity to add a marketable skill to their resumes. "Catering" is a viable business opportunity in their culture. The skill would also make them employable as a cook in a home or at a restaurant.

They are very grateful for the opportunity to learn more about cooking in the WCS facility.

Take 20 seconds to watch this thank you video.

The following short video shows more of the Home Ec practical.

Growing Pains

 The 2022 school year brings a growing student body at WISDOM! 

We now have 569 students enrolled in Kindergarten through 9th grade!! 

How exciting! 

To paraphrase 1 Corinthians 3:6 - We planted, others watered, but God caused it to grow.

Growth brings more needs - more food, more supplies, more desks. We are thankful for all of the people who give to make it possible for these kids in a slum to get an education. If you want to be part of the mission to provide a Christian education to them, click on this link to DONATE NOW.

The students recently returned to classes for their second term (3 terms/year with month long breaks). 

See some of what's happening as the kids come back to school.

STUDENTS and TEACHERS are excited to be back in the classroom.
Time for the flag to go up and for teachers to prepare their classrooms.

And we start the day with prayer.

These children and teachers are so dear to our hearts. We love seeing their faces.

10 Years! What happened last year?

Year #10 of LIVING WELL'S support of WISDOM 

What happened in 2021?

YEAR # 10 - The pandemic hit hard in 2020 and 2021, but LIVING WELL was able to keep serving WCS from afar.

We officially launched the secondary school with the addition of the 8th grade (elementary is K-7). The addition of the secondary school meant many more supplies! More computers, science lab supplies, and sewing machines.

8th Graders - And new uniforms!

We funded a much-needed seminar for girls on early marriage and child-bearing. The girls received feminine hygiene products. Many girls miss school during their period if they do not have these products.

We replaced the kitchen roof and added a security/caretaker building. 

WCS continued with periods of time when students were not allowed to attend school because of the pandemic. When in class, protocols continued.

Your prayers during this year were felt on the WCS campus and your donations so appreciated!

10 Year Celebration - 2 Years Ago

Year #9 of LIVING WELL'S support of WISDOM 

What happened in 2020?

Oh, what a year!!

That year started strong. LIVING WELL was able to travel with six to the school in January, sadly not knowing it would be our last trip to Zambia for years. 😢

Sherry Beair and Darla Holinsworth
catching up with the children of WISDOM

Laurelyn Sheffield lending a hand for clean-up duty

John Holinsworth is one hard-working guy
but is always up for a laugh!

Ed and Donna Edwards with the WISDOM Tree




In spite of the pandemic, we had the completion of our biggest classroom building yet.  Classroom Building #4 holds five classrooms, staff rooms, and two offices. The secondary school was ready to launch, and science and computer labs were furnished. 



Ed and Donna Edwards