Team members: Sherry & Charlie Beair, Donna & Ed Edwards, Brianna & Travis Lake, Richard Turner, Darla & John Holinsworth, Anita and Isaiah Powers, Brian & Chris Matlock

LIVING WELL's MISSION ZAMBIA team for 2016 has come together!

We have started meeting and planning for the mission at WISDOM Community School. The mission trip June 1-13, 2016.


  • Construction projects - kitchen building (painting, cabinets, shelving, appliances), building maintenance of classrooms, landscaping 
  • Provide resources

Camp Wisdom for 400 Children of WISDOM

  • Bible lessons
  • Music
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • T-shirts


    • Project cost for LIVING WELL = $14,500
    • Team members provide for their own expenses (through donations or their personal funds).

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WISDOM Kitchen walls going up!

The walls are going up on the kitchen building at WISDOM Community School!

Students of WISDOM get new desks!

When the school stared in January year at WISDOM Community School, we had 81 students in the 4th grade with 14 desks. The desks were made for 2 or 3 students to sit side-by-side. But we had 4 or 5 students per desk and some children sitting on the floor. The children of WISDOM want to learn so much that they are willing to sit on the floor if necessary to be able to go to school.

Because of the generous donation of a supporter, we were able to add more desks to that classroom as well as several others!

New desks in the 1st grade class (this room is used by 4th graders in the afternoon)

The Kitchen at WISDOM started!

The kitchen building is underway! When this building is complete, we can begin serving lunches at WISDOM Community School.

Brother Charles meets with the contractor to lay out the kitchen building.
Laying out the foundation of the building. 
Building outline

Digging footings for foundation
Pouring the slab
More foundation work


Ed and Donna Edwards