WISDOM Community School in dire need of More Desks!

At WCS, we have a great need for more desks! Some classrooms have 4-6 children at each desk. The desks are designed for 2 students to sit side-by-side. With the younger grades, three children will fit. 

For example, we have 81 children in one class with 14 desks. Some kids even sit on the floor. 
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4th Grade Classroom. 

Funds Donated for Kitchen Building!

100% has been donated for the Kitchen building for WISDOM Community School!

We want to thank all of the donors for making this possible!

We will meet with the contractor next week to discuss details and issue an agreement. Work will begin right away!

The LIVING WELL team will do the finish out on the building in June when they return.

Then, the school can begin to cook lunches for the CHILDREN of WISDOM!

We want to thank the Lord for His Provision!


Ed and Donna Edwards