What's cooking at WCS?

 Our secondary students (grades 8 & 9) all take Home Ec classes - the boys and girls.

One part of their class is learning to cook, prepare meals, and setting a nice table. They have been busy!


Because the school has a kitchen, they are able to do their practicals on site. 

Very few of these students would have electricity or running water in their homes. Even if they had electricity, they would not have a range with an oven.

These cooking lessons give them the opportunity to add a marketable skill to their resumes. "Catering" is a viable business opportunity in their culture. The skill would also make them employable as a cook in a home or at a restaurant.

They are very grateful for the opportunity to learn more about cooking in the WCS facility.

Take 20 seconds to watch this thank you video.

The following short video shows more of the Home Ec practical.


Ed and Donna Edwards