And Now We Are 14!

WISDOM Christian School grew from 9 to 14 teachers with the addition of the secondary school! 

We ask for your prayers for our staff and students at WCS. The COVID virus has a strong foothold in Ndola now.

Over the weekend, we received this message from our colleague, Brother Charles:
Brother Ed, the surge of the new strain of COVID has come with deadly and devastating effects. Many people I knew personally have so far died in the last 24hrs. It’s unbelievably scary to say the least. May the Lord have mercy and come through for us.

Zambia had been doing well handling the virus until recently. They have mandated many measures but have a hard time with compliance. Their cases are rising very quickly now.

Because of the recent, rampant spread of the virus throughout the country, the government has delayed the start of the new school year until February 1.  In Zambia, it is very difficult to have social distancing in schools. It is not uncommon for an elementary classroom to have 60-80 students.

Brother Charles has selected new teachers for the launch of the secondary school. 

These teachers will teach the new 8th grade class, but will also teach their respective subjects in 6th and 7th grade, along with the current staff. 

See below for the a photo of the new teachers, along with two of the current supervisory teachers. One teacher, Susan (not pictured), who is already on staff, will teach religious education to the 8th graders. They recently gathered for orientation and preparations for the new school year.

TEACHERS (l-r) - Mirriam (current teacher, asst. head teacher), Joseph (integrated science), Sonile (current head teacher), Oliver (math), Lucky (social studies), Eunice (home economics), Doma (business studies,  ICT - Information and Communication Technology)

We are excited to have some men on the teaching staff now! Looking forward to what the future holds as we add another grade each year. 

We will continue to feed all of the children lunch four days per week.


Ed and Donna Edwards