Back in the Classroom!

ALL of the CHILDREN of WISDOM Christian School are back in the classroom!

Under mandate by the president of Zambia, children in every grade level returned to the classroom. The WCS kids were excited to be back!

The president and Minister of Education want the teachers to adjust their curriculum to teach everything they missed and add it to what they teach in the final term of the year. (Zambia school year is January - December)

Additional desks were acquired (some were donated and some were purchased by funding through LIVING WELL). However, because of class sizes, social distancing of six feet or more is impossible.

The staff takes the kids' temperatures every morning and added hand washing stations. All students and staff are wearing masks

Please pray for wisdom for the teachers as they adapt the curriculum and for the students as they pack in a lot of learning in 3 months. 

And pray for the health and protection of the staff and students!


Ed and Donna Edwards