What an improvement in 5 years!

After 5 years of campus development, God has made a dramatic change in the face of WISDOM.

God gave LIVING WELL the ministry of developing and support WISDOM Christian School in 2012.

The school had one classroom building with 2 classrooms in it. It served 140 students in 4 grades, with three teachers and one caretaker.

WCS in 2012 - one building with 2 classrooms, mud bricks

We recently completed Classroom Building #3. The campus now has 4 buildings (three classroom buildings and a kitchen). The school now has 7 classrooms (grades 1-7), a kindergarten classroom, and a computer lab. Classroom Building #1 also has a staff room, an office, and a walk-in safe. The Kitchen Building also has a large storage room and an office.

The school now serves 400 students in 7 grades (with kindergarten to be added in 2018) with a staff of 14 (with two more to be added in 2018).

WCS in 2017. The original building is in the center, at the back.
Buildings (l-r) - kitchen, classroom #3, classroom #1, classroom #2
Besides the buildings, we have added a mechanically drilled well with a clean and plentiful supply of water for the school and the community. We enclosed the campus with a security wall for safety. We have added landscaping, making a more pleasant environment.

Classroom Building #3 completed 2017
Kitchen completed 2016, water well completed 2013

Classroom Building #2 built 2014  (interior finished 2015)

Security Wall completed 2015


Ed and Donna Edwards