How HOME LIFE is Different for the CHILDREN of WISDOM

Students Here
Students at WISDOM
Family Many two-parent homes, 1-4 children, no other relatives living in home. In this community, few two-parent homes; one or both parents have died (orphan or double orphan); orphaned children live with relatives or with neighbor. Children have many siblings,  families have 6-8 children
Entertainment Toys, video games, movies, concerts, water recreation, athletic events Toys that they make from materials they find (empty plastic bottles, wire, bottle caps, waste paper)
House  Secure home with brick walls, windows, doors, garage, roof Home built with mud blocks, thatched or tin roof secured with rocks on top to hold it down, window openings (not glass windows)
Living spaces
Many rooms
One or two rooms in house

Bedroom Own room or share with one sibling Everyone sleeps in one room - parents and several siblings
Bed Own bed, sheets, blanket, bedspread mat or foam on floor - no sheets, etc.
Electricity, electronics Electric lights, TV, computer, cell phone, video games, electronic tablet/ereader No electricity, no TV, no cell phone, computer, no tablets, no video games; dependent on natural light

Kitchen Fridge, oven, microwave, cooktop, sink with faucet No fridge, no microwave, no cooktop, no sink or running water, water is carried from a community water well, cook on charcoal fire in house or outside, food is acquired daily from own garden or local market
Food many choices, eat out often very limited options, all cooked at home, Shema main dish (flour and water cooked into a mushy consistency, like mashed potatoes consistency), rice, greens, very little protein, some local fruits and vegetables, no sodas, very little candy

Bathroom Own bathroom or share with sibling No plumbing, no shower, no tub, no toilet (outdoor latrine), bath in bucket or river

Clothes Many clothing items, more than one pair of shoes Most people have two sets of clothes, one to wear and one to wash, clothes are used (heavily used), bought from vendors (our Goodwill clothes that don’t sell are shipped over there and re-sold); one pair of shoes, may not fit, heels or toes may be cut out to make shoes fit

Transportation Cars, boats, trains, public transportation Most walk everywhere, no cars, families use public buses in nearby community, or walk, a few bicycles for transportation (not for recreation),

How to Teach 400 Children about Walking on Water

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Ed and Donna Edwards