Barrels for WISDOM

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the books and school supplies for WISDOM Christian School. The barrels were picked up last night! They will go by ship to Zambia and arrive for the new school year in January (we hope!).

We are sending two barrels with school supplies, hundreds of books, kitchen supplies, and some small hand tools.

A few of the hundreds of books bound for WCS.

Through generous donations of school supplies, we were able to send: over 1100 pencils (including some colored pencils), over 400 pens, 10 staplers and 20,000 staples, 700 paper clips, 38 calculators, 100 pencil sharpeners, scissors, rulers, protractors, erasers, compasses, glue sticks, and classroom borders and posters (and more).

School supplies
We were able to ship some kitchen supplies that are cheaper here or that are unavailable there. Included also are some building maintenance tools for the caretaker. 

Kitchen supplies and tools

Please pray for their arrival -without complications!


Ed and Donna Edwards