WISDOM Staff for 2018

The WISDOM staff continues to grow!

In 2012, WCS had 3 teachers and 1 caretaker/security guard.

To begin the 2018 school year, WCS now has 18 employees! 

Besides providing an education for 400 children in a slum, WCS has provided jobs for 18 staff member. All of the staff are very committed to providing a good education to the CHILDREN of WISDOM.

Top (l-r): Rogers (pastor), Chanda (caretaker), Leonard Sakala (longest employed, security guard), Bruno (security guard), Abraham (security guard), Victoria (teacher), Phenny (teacher), Brother Charles (school manager)
Bottom (l-r): Abigail (teacher), Susan (teacher), Mary (teacher), Sonile (senior teacher), Martha (cook), Annie (cook), Mable (teacher), Mildred (teacher), Mirriam (teacher on parental leave), Ruth (teacher)


Ed and Donna Edwards