LIVING WELL Mission June 2012

Ed and Donna Edwards, LIVING WELL, returned to Ndola and they brought friends!

Front: Karen Russell, Lois Jefferies, Norma McKinney
Middle: Donna Edwards, Mary Kay McCormick,
Darla Holinsworth, Kathy Jackson
Back: Ed Edwards, John Holinsworth, Ron Jackson
After their January trip, the Edwards saw the Lord raise the funds to continuing paying the staff through 2012 and to have the school plastered on the outside.

God raised up a team of eight others to accompany them on a return trip to Wisdom Community School in June 2012.
The mission for Wisdom was accomplished:
  • Monthly monetary support for three teachers and one caretaker
  • Cement plastering the exterior of the building to prevent deterioration of the earthen bricks
  • Painting the interior and exterior walls
  • Teaching materials (books, paper, pencils, teaching aids, etc.)
  • New doors and locks
  • Recreation equipment - soccer balls, etc.
  • Music equipment, hand instruments
  • New Testament for each child
  • Books and bookcases 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste for each child
  • Numerous Bible materials and craft projects

Three of the team painted the school, did repairs, worked in the flower beds, and acquired new doors and locks. Five members provided a week of Bible teaching, crafts, music and recreation. After working at the school and with the children all week, they returned on Saturday morning to give out New Testaments and have a time of celebration.

The teachers were encouraged. The children learned and had fun. The life of each team member was changed! [to see more about the mission]


Ed and Donna Edwards