10 Year Celebration - 5 Years ago

Year #6 of LIVING WELL'S support of WISDOM 

What happened in 2017?

The campus really started taking shape with the addition of classroom building #3 and the beginning of the lunch program for students. A team of 15 volunteers lead VBS for the kids during the summer of 2017.

Classroom building #3 added two large classrooms, a smaller one for kindergarten, and a small computer lab. Most children in this slum do not have the advantage of having parents who read with them or teach them the alphabet and how to count. This class is limited to 25 students (upper levels have as many as 70!). The children who need the most help are in this class. 

Kindergarten Class

Classroom Building #3


In the beginning WCS served lunch two days/week. The school now serves it four days/week. And it always includes some plant protein. The children would normally eat a dish called "nshima," which is water and meal only, cooked to a mashed potato consistency.


The LIVING WELL team of 15 led a VBS experience for over 400 children at CAMP WISDOM!

Bottom row (l-r): Emily Padgham, Macie Stevens, Paula Reed, Darla Holinsworth, Donna Edwards, Sherry Beair, Anita Powers, Charlie Bear
Middle row; John Holinsworth, Sherri Padgham, Patrick Courtney, Tara Matlock, Ed Edwards
Top row: Brian Matlock, Chris Matlock, Hannah Hulse

Flying kites made in CAMP WISDOM

Chris Matlock and his new friends

We love giving new t-shirts to all the kids!

Walking through the neighborhood slum

One of our great joys is attending church and the shaking hands with everyone afterwards


Ed and Donna Edwards