10 Year Celebration - 7 Years Ago

Year #4 of LIVING WELL'S support of WISDOM

What happened in 2015?

  • The LIVING WELL team provided a VBS type experience for hundreds of students!
  • The Saturday after the week of CAMP WISDOM is a chance to show the parents and community some of what the students experienced during the week. 

  • Each student received a new t-shirt - something they never get. Their clothes are usually heavily used before they get them - most often the cast-offs of Americans shipped to Africa in bales and then resold.

  • The students learned about creation that week through puppet show, mural, music, and crafts. 


    • Lights for classrooms (and eventually fans)
    • Exterior lights for security
    • The option of installing an electric pump for the well, a future kitchen, and future computers

Water tank
    • With the addition of electricity comes an electric pump and a water tank. Water now flows with a turn of the tap!

Security Wall
    • Most schools, homes, lodging, etc. have a security wall to enclose the property. The slums, such as the one where WCS is located, are usually high crime areas. A security wall becomes essential.
  • 12 joined the 2015 team
    Top row: Donna Edwards, Donna Stone, Beth Autry, Greg Stone, Mary Kay McCormick, John and Darla Holinsworth, Hugh Merrill (a.k.a. Santa Claus, a.k.a. photographer)
    Bottom Row: Ed Edwards, Jason and Sherri Padgham, Dan Trantham

  • What fun we had!


Ed and Donna Edwards