10 Year Celebration - 6 Years Ago

Year #5 of LIVING WELL'S support of WISDOM

What happened in 2016?

Things really got cooking in 2016 when we built WCS a KITCHEN BUILDING!
Now the school can serve lunch to all the students. They have lunch four days a week. Each lunch contains some form of plant protein.

  • LIVING WELL team of 12
            LIVING WELL team outside the WCS Campus Wall

Team (l-r): Isaiah Powers, John Holinsworth, Richard Turner, Brianna Lake, Ed Edwards, Charlie Beair, Brian Matlock, Donna Edwards, Anita Powers, Chris Matlock, Sherry Beair (Travis Lake not pictured)
  • 400 WCS students!

  • A VBS type experience with lessons, crafts, music, and games.
    Brian and Chris Matlock leading music

Brianna Lake with student
Donna and Ed Edwards with John


Students dramatizing Noah and the Ark story

Travis Lake teaching 4-square to WCS kids

Isaiah Powers playing frisbee with neighborhood kids

Darla and John Holinsworth with neighborhood kids

Richard Turner helping kids with crafts

Sherry Beair with kids

Anita Powers leading craft time

WCS kids during craft time


Ed and Donna Edwards