What's in a Name

 Our hearts are full when we see these photos of the teachers planning and of the students learning.

In the midst of poverty-stricken slums in Zambia, teachers are taking charge of their students' education. Despite the challenges they face, these educators are determined to provide their students with the best possible learning opportunities. With careful planning and resourcefulness, they are creating safe and inspiring spaces for their students to learn and grow. 

Through their efforts, students are gaining the knowledge and skills they need to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Join us in supporting these dedicated educators as they work to empower the next generation of Zambian leaders. DONATE HERE


Students begin learning about many practical parts of life in upper level of elementary (grades 5-7) - including learning about construction tools and techniques.

Students in 8th and 9th grade learn about anatomy and many other subjects in their science classes. Because there aren't enough text  books for all the students, the teachers write the information on the blackboards. The students copy the lesson into their notebooks.

The uniforms of these older students (tie, white shirt, pants or skirts) set them apart from the younger students who wear checked shirts.

Classroom Building #4 (the latest building) included much needed space for teachers to plan and to meet with parents. They even have a tile floor!

The senior staff of WISDOM Christian School recently decided to name the chapel on its campus "Edwards Hall" in honor of Ed and Donna Edwards. 

While the couple would have preferred to leave the chapel unnamed, they feel honored by the decision of the school's senior staff. The decision to name the chapel after the Edwards is a testament to the couple's contributions to the school and their dedication to the Christian faith. 

WISDOM Christian School hopes that the newly named chapel will serve as a source of inspiration and strength for all who enter its doors.

Besides the school's use of the chapel, WISDOM Christian Church also meets there to worship and receive the teaching of God's Word.

TAKE 1 MINUTE to tour the campus of WISDOM.


Ed and Donna Edwards