Borehole Dedicated by Ndola-Mukuba Rotary and LIVING WELL

With the arrival of the LIVING WELL team, Better World Ministries, and officials of the Ndola-Mukuba Rotary Club dedicated the borehole at WISDOM COMMUNITY SCHOOL.

The children of WISDOM sang for all of the visitors. Then president of Better World Ministry, Charles Mwila Mutumbala, spoke and welcomed the Rotary and the LIVING WELL team.

The Rotary officially hands the well over to WISDOM COMMUNITY SCHOOL.

The well and it's water is received by the school manager and operator of the school, Pastor Charles, along with Pastor Christopher.

 The president of LIVING WELL, Ed Edwards, thanks the Rotary club for their involvement in seeing the borehole completed and fresh water supplied to WISDOM COMMUNITY SCHOOL and the people of Mwenye Compound.

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Ed and Donna Edwards