A New Year at WISDOM Community School

The Lord faithfully provided for all the needs of WISDOM Community School in 2015. We thank YOU for your support, love, and prayers for WCS.

Teachers at WCS express their gratitude for God's provision.
(L-R) Ruth, Sonile, Rogers, Miriam, Monica (not pictured: Abigail, Clara)

A new school year begins in January 2016.

What is ahead in 2016?

  • New students in the 1st grade - they have no preschool or kindergarten exposure, so everything is new to them!
  • Growing attendance - each year, each grade gains more students.
  • Alumni students - Besides the students in grades 1-7 at WCS, the WCS family has students who have graduated WCS to go to higher levels. Attending 8th grade next year are 14 former WCS students and 8 are attending 9th grade next year in the local public high school. LIVING WELL helps fund the higher education of these students. 
  • One new teacher - Monica, pictured to the right above joins the WCS teaching staff for 2016. 
  • New curriculum - The Zambia education department has issued new curriculum in most subjects for each grade. That means the school needs new books! 
  • Kitchen building - When the Lord provides the remaining funds, a kitchen and storage area will be built - hopefully near the beginning of the year!
  • School lunches - When the kitchen building is complete, the school will provide lunch (dependent on available funding).

To accommodate the growing needs, funding is needed. 

Immediate needs are:

  • Monthly salary for the new teacher. TO DONATE NOW.
  • $100/student for the alumni students (22 students). Enrollment fees have to be paid by January 10th. FUNDS  are needed immediately to be able to pay for these fees! TO DONATE NOW.
  • New curriculum. Some has already been purchased but much more is needed. We buy according to our funds, even if we don't have enough funds to be able to buy all that we need. TO DONATE NOW.
  • Classroom supplies - the basics, pencils, paper, etc. TO DONATE NOW.
If you want to be a part of providing an education to the children in this school in a slum area, please DONATE NOW!


Ed and Donna Edwards