Building WISDOM

The construction at WISDOM Community School continues to move forward!

Last year, we added a new classroom building. We contracted the construction of the building with some features left out - the ceilings, painting, and electrical fixtures.

Our team, Ed Edwards and John Holinsworth, installed ceilings in the three classrooms. We hired local workers to paint the ceilings, re-paint inside the classrooms, and re-paint the front of the building.


We had already begun the installation of electrical fixtures. Those lights and outlets are now complete also.

We have LIGHT!

We installed light fixtures inside all five classrooms and on the porch of each building.

We also had the electrician include lighting at the guard house and some security lights for the property.

While we were there, the contractor was finishing another latrine for the students, the guard house, and gates for the security wall.  

Ndola doesn't have a Home Depot or Lowe's around the corner. 

But they have other options.....  

Some of the guys tagged along just for the experience of an African lumber yard.


Ed and Donna Edwards