Educate a Child of WISDOM

We currently have over 300 children attending grades 1-6 at WISDOM Community School. For $25/month, you can provide the education for one child. Click on DONATE to begin!

Here are the profiles of a few on the CHILDREN of WISDOM.

Tasitious is 16 and is in the 6th grade (many children of WISDOM did not start school until WISDOM opened in 2007). He aspires to be president. According to his small group leader, he is the kind of kid that could accomplish that goal. He prayed to receive Christ on June 5, 2014. He is the 5th of 6 children in his family.

Cynthia is 13 and in the 4th grade. English is her favorite subject in school and she wants to go to college. She asks for prayers that she can finish school. She is well-liked by the other girls and is a close friend to several of them. She is the youngest of 3 children.

Innocent is 13 and in the 3rd grade. He is the 8th of 9 children. He would like to be a pilot. Innocent is a fun-loving boy full of expression. He danced everywhere he went!

If you would like to help these children get an education so that they are able to move beyond the slum, click DONATE now!


Ed and Donna Edwards